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Sigma Sigma Sigma remembers a sister's life

Issue date: 10/27/09 Section: Opinions
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She was the girl that everyone knew, or at least knew of. Her personality was contagious, and she had an uncanny way of brightening up any room she entered. She would always talk your ear off, but in a way that was not annoying, but rather made your day a little more complete. She was never unhappy; her smile was so brilliant, you couldn't help but give yours in return. Describing her as intelligent was an understatement. She was going places, hopefully to Mars one day, for she already had the world at her fingertips. There was not much this girl wouldn't do - she was fearless. She was the girl we all wanted to be brave enough to become. And we still wish we could witness this amazing person with us today, but sadly that was not part of the plan.

On Monday, Oct. 19, 2009, the sisters of Sigma Sigma Sigma were mutually struck with a colossal tragedy. Francesca Luciana Martino, a beloved and devout Eta Tau sister, was suddenly killed as a result of a horrific motorcycle accident. Her sudden death has sent shock waves through the past and present Sigma sisters, all throughout campus, and around the country. In Francesca's many years at Embry-Riddle she touched the lives of hundreds upon hundreds of students and faculty alike.

Francesca was an inspiration to all she had met. She could easily start a conversation with anyone and she could talk for hours without ever growing tired - SHE COULD TALK! She had an undying love for her sorority. She lived and breathed purple and all things Sigma. She truly was the epitome of what a Sigma, or greek member for that matter, would strive to become. Most importantly, Francesca had the biggest love of life. In her 23 years, she achieved, experienced, and accomplished more than the average person does throughout their entire life. No obstacle was ever too large for Francesca. She was even slowly achieving her dream of going into space by working for a NASA contractor at Cape Canaveral, helping re-engineer rocket boosters. Francesca's life is one to live up to.

She left the world leaving behind all the love, strength, encouragement, determination, and spunk she possessed. The amazing person known as Francesca Luciana Martino set an example for all of us to follow. She knew who she was since the day she was born, and she marched to her own drum. She never cared what people thought of her. She lived life to make herself happy - little did she know in return she made the world a better place.
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