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Student passes away in tragic accident

Issue date: 10/13/09 Section: Campus News
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It is with sadness that The Avion reports the loss of a beloved Embry-Riddle student, Francesca Martino. Francesca was a senior majoring in Aerospace Engineering and involved in many aspects of campus, including the Student Government Association, Tri Sigma sorority and was a former member of the Cross Country and Track and Field teams. Francesca passed away Monday from a motorcycle accident in Orlando.

Please use this forum to share stories and memories of Francesca.
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posted 10/20/09 @ 2:56 PM EST

I am not one of Francesca's closest friends. Our friendship came from common goals and interests, and losing her is a terrible loss for the community we both found in Embry Riddle. (Continued…)

Joe Sokohl

posted 10/20/09 @ 6:50 PM EST

So very sorry to hear of this loss. She was the niece of one of my best friends (and a former girlfriend). She apparently was the victim of a negligent driver who recklessly drove directly into her path. (Continued…)


posted 10/23/09 @ 9:13 PM EST

I taught Francesca both Statics & Solids in 2005. One day after class, the students had left, and I was erasing what I wrote on whiteboard. Francesca returned to the classroom. (Continued…)

Dinko Residovic

posted 10/26/09 @ 2:36 AM EST

my condolonsces go out to the family. I am originally from st.petersburg,fl too and i didn't know she was too! If i was in town i would have definately gone too her viewing and show the proper respect as a fellow erau alumni. (Continued…)


posted 10/26/09 @ 4:34 PM EST

Very well said Dr. Cameron Wang!

RIP Francesca! I hope in time the good memories will overtake the sad memories for your family and friends.

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