Pictures from Paula Yeatman

Text originally written by Paula Hess Yeatman. I (Richard Martino) transposed as if I wrote it.

The first picture is John Louis and Christine Ferrari Ghizzoni, my grandparents, and Anna, John's cousin and Paula's great grandmother. Paula's aunt says the picture was taken in Ohio (possibly Masury), visiting relatives.

The picture of the couple is Anna and John, her husband. Anna was born a Ghizzoni and John's last name was also Ghizzoni. Paula thought Anna died around 1957, Marta says it was the fall of 1955. Not sure when her husband died, but probably in the 1920's.

The picture of the man is Pete, a brother of Anna. The inscription of the back of the picture is "written" by the child. The child addresses Anna as "Aunt Anna". Not sure who the child is - if s/he belongs to Pete (offspring, niece/nephew), or there is a generation between. Paula identified Pete in Richard's reunion picture. Not just by the face and the hairline - but Paula thinks it is interesting that in both pictures, he had his right arm on his leg. Paula doesn't know if he had injured his hand or not. Pete and his wife Berniece settled in Lansing, MI.

The last picture is of Anna by herself. It was probably take closer to the same time the picture was taken with my grandparents, John & Christine Ghizzoni.