Legal Options for Traffic Fatalities

This web page discusses the current laws and our options to do something about them.

In the case of our daughter, Francesca, the driver at fault was not drunk, not on drugs, not speeding and did not break any other law outside of failing to yield to oncoming traffic. He was charged with a traffic infraction and was fined $1,000, which he could pay $30 per month plus a nominal interest.

Our lawyer examined him under oath and determined that he did not have any assets. Even if we were to file suit and win a judgement, he could file for bankruptcy and negotiate payments downward.

In another traffic fatality where the driver was speeding, he was ordered to pay $3,000 and to carry a picture of the passenger he killed in his wallet during his 5 year probation period.

In our opinion, these laws and fines are too lenient. Whether you agree or disagree, please send us your opinions.

--Richard and Cecilia Martino

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