Richard Martino
Adjunct Math Instructor
St. Petersburg College


MAT0012 Pre-Algebra
MAT0024 Elementary Algebra
MAT1033 Intermediate Algebra


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Mr. Martino has no dedicated telephone line at St. Petersburg College. If you do not have access to email, please leave a message at the Mathematics Department at (727)341-4605.


Richard Martino was born a coal miner's grandson in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in rural western Pennsylvania. He attended public grade school then was sent to Catholic high school. He majored in physics at Penn State because he wanted to understand how nature works.

Physics is the basis of all other sciences and engineering disciplines. If you understand physics, then you can understand chemistry or electronics, for example. Understanding chemistry enables you to understand biology, then medicine.

Physics can be defined as “the mathematical analysis of nature.” That is, physicists observe nature and try to represent what they observe with a mathematical formula. Mr. Martino had to take so many math courses to support his physics degree that he also received a degree in mathematics.

Finally, he took several courses in computer science because, in his own words, “computer science is fun.” Mr. Martino's day job is as a software engineer designing and implementing mathematical algorithms to solve business problems.

As part of teaching mathematics, he emphasizes critical thinking, questioning assumptions and real-life examples.

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