Ghizzoni Cousins

This page contains random notes about cousins of John Louis Ghizzoni

John Ghizzoni was first cousin with 3 siblings: Frank, Adolf ("Red") and one sister Ghizzoni. The sister married a Biondi and their children were born in the 1920s, 1930s.

John Ghizzoni was also first cousin to Joe Ghizzoni who died in Italy at age 85, around 1960-1965.

John Ghizzoni was also first cousin to Anna Ghizzoni, great grandmother of Paula Hess Yeatman.


Evelyn Ghizzoni [Detelich] was the daughter of Frank Ghizzoni.

Evelyn M. Ghizzoni Detelich of Masury, Ohio, died on Thursday, October 4, 2007 in Sharon, Pennsylvania. Evelyn Detelich was born October 21, 1922, in Conifer, PA and was a daughter of Frank A. and Irene Sebastian Ghizzoni. Her obituary says,


Dorothy was second cousin to Evelyn Ghizzoni Detelich, and John Louis Ghizzoni was first cousin to Frank Ghizzoni.

According to Theresa M. Beni married Adolf Ghizzoni and she died a few days before March 22, 1998. On the same web page Mary Detelich married Joseph Gregorich and she died a few days before June 17, 1998.

Loose Ends

There is a Ronald E. Ghizzoni that graduated from the EET (Electronic Engineering Technology?) area of Youngstown State University in 1976 (AAS) and 1981 (BSES).

There were two brothers who both had red hair and both were nicknamed "Red"

And, what about Herman Ghizzoni?

Apparently, Margaret A. (Pollack) Ghizzoni, age 84 (09/15/1925 ~ 12/31/2009) went to Brookfield High School in Brookfield, Ohio. Evelyn M. Ghizzoni Detelich, too, graduated from Brookfield High School in 1940. has a lot of links about the Ghizzoni name.

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